“3 Timeless Traits Leaders Must Have” – from Inc.com

Great article from Inc.com - "3 Timeless Traits Leaders Must Have". One of those is Coaching Skills. The author, Marcel Schwantes, states: You want your organization to become high-performing? I have the answer. An overlooked piece of the puzzle is coaching. The bad news, according to one study, is that less than half of organizations surveyed had … Continue reading “3 Timeless Traits Leaders Must Have” – from Inc.com

are your habits causing you to waste time?

I came across this article on Inc.com and realized how accurate it was for me. The title of the article is, "7 Time-Wasting Habits You Need to Cut Out of Your Life for Good". The seven bad habits are: Checking email constantly. Waiting for things to be perfect. Multitasking. Inviting interruptions. Being disorganized. Failing to … Continue reading are your habits causing you to waste time?

personality type and possible careers

So, what type are you? Personality type, that is. I have enjoyed learning more about the different types of personalities and how we interact with one another. For example, I am an INTJ (see infographic and article below) and a DC on the DiSC assessment. Knowing that has helped me to become more self-aware and … Continue reading personality type and possible careers

things good leaders say daily

What you say as a leader to those you have the privilege to lead is critically important - more so than we often think. In this article on Inc.com, "17 Things Every Successful Leader Says Every Day", Peter Economy lists 17 phrases we should be saying on a regular basis, Following are his major points. Please … Continue reading things good leaders say daily

“5 Powerful Advantages You Gain From Being Where You Are “

This is an excellent article from Inc.com on "Why your attempts to be ultra-productive are sabotaging your ability to make meaningful connections and reach your full potential."David Van Rooy (@dlvanrooy) lists five benefits from being present.1. You will be a positive example.2. You will learn more.3. You will be more creative.4. You will get more done. 5. You will have less stress. It's … Continue reading “5 Powerful Advantages You Gain From Being Where You Are “