a way to measure your team’s strength

Good morning! This is a good article from the Inc. site entitled The 20-Minute Test That Measures Your Team’s Strength . What I like is the simplicity of the “test”. Bring in a trusted outsider and have him or her ask an important, but not so obvious, question and then see how they respond. It will usually… Read More

8 Things an Extraordinary Boss Believes

Good Friday morning to you.  Glorious morning here in southwest Michigan.  Sun is brilliant, skies incredibly blue and I am just thoroughly enjoying God’s creation this morning. Thought I would share something with you this morning that I read on Inc.s site.  Geoffrey James has a good article on how extraordinary bosses view things at… Read More

Some Tips on How To Function More Productively

Multi-tasking Makes You Dumber!  Read the following quote: “Stop multi-tasking. No, seriously—stop. Switching from task to task quickly does not work. In fact, changing tasks more than 10 times in a day makes you dumber than being stoned. When you’re stoned, your IQ drops by five points. When you multitask, it drops by an average of 10… Read More