Do You Have A Coffee Budget?

Good morning to you! I hope your week is getting off to a great start, it looks like mine will be pretty full.

Question – do you have a coffee budget? No? Maybe you ought to if you really want to grow. Confused yet?coffee cup at PT

Most of us are busy, very busy in fact. Because of that and because of a lack of intentionality, our circles of influence may sometimes be smaller than we might imagine. Also, they may not be very diverse, so we spend most of our time with people very much like us. The result can be a narrowing of our thinking and a lack of creative input into our lives. So, to counter this I am suggesting you drink some coffee!

What I really am suggesting is that you set up your budget so that you can take someone different out for a cup of coffee each week for a year. Pick interesting people from a wide range of backgrounds from whom you can learn. People that will challenge your thinking and your preconceived notions. People from walks of life very different from your own.

Take them out for a cup of coffee, ask good questions and then listen. You will be amazed at what you learn and the friendships that you start. The hard part will be getting outside of your normal circles, but to make this really interesting, you will need to stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone.

Stretch yourself, grow, and by the way – you will impact them as well.

So go enjoy a cup of coffee with someone new this week. You will be blessed.



Take Your Eyes Off Of Yourself

Running a little slow this Friday morning. I have been blessed in that I seldom get sick, but now have a spring cold. Can’t even remember the last time I had one.

This week, we have been talking some about Jeremie Kubicek’s book, Leadership Is Dead, How Influence Is Reviving It. He touches on many things that are so good, but today I wanted to talk a bit about relationships. At Ambassador Enterprises where I now serve, we have two key sayings:

First – “A Caring Community and A Team That Performs” – too many organizations simply want a team that performs which really is a task orientation. We have found that if you first have a caring community within your organization, you are much more likely to achieve the goal of having a team that performs.

Second – “Relational Effectiveness Drives Organizational Performance” – very similar to the above statement in that there have to be strong, healthy relationships among the members of your team for them to perform at the level of potential.

Mr. Kubicek says the following, “The best leaders are those who have simplified it down to relationships.” and “To be effective, respected, and a positive force for change, today’s leaders must overcome our cultural tendencies toward narcissism and self-centeredness.”

As a leader, your focus should be on others, not yourself. It’s not about me, it’s not about you, it’s about others, it’s about the mission. So, we need to learn to take our eyes off of ourselves and begin focusing on other people.

Have a great weekend!


Leadership Is Dead – Really?

Good morning. Still cold here, but starting to slowly warm up and starting to see a few signs of Spring!7 Actions to improve influence

How did that title grab you? It certainly caught my attention. It is the title of the book by Jeremie Kubicek about influence. Actually, the full title is Leadership Is Dead, How Influence Is Reviving It. The book is about influence and how you should use it to benefit others. Mr. Kubicek has recently updated the book and given it a new title, Making Your Leadership Come Alive, 7 Actions to Increase Your Influence.

A quote from the book that resonated with me: “After decades of greed by corporate tycoons, financial moguls, and political egos, this generation is searching for authentic, selfless leadership that holds a mission higher than and outside of themselves“. Amen!

Jeremie deals with this well in the book and gives you seven actions to increase your influence the right way:

1. Give Trust to Become Trustworthy

2. Become Credible, Not Just Smart

3. Be Intentional In Your Influence

4. Break Through Your Walls of Self-Preservation

5. Pursue Relationship Before Opportunity

6. Give Yourself Away

7. Become Significant in Your Impact

These are some great steps to take and he unpacks them well. So, if you want to lead differently, if you value people and relationships, and you want to have more influence for a greater mission than yourself, check out Jeremie’s book. Jeremie makes the statement that God reset his leadership paradigm through a horrific accident. He wants to help others to reset their leadership paradigm without them having to go through such an experience.

So, check out Making Your Leadership Come Alive, 7 Actions to Increase Your Influence, it is worth your time.



Responsive Influence

Good morning to you. I hope you had  great weekend celebrating the Resurrection.

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, I just read Leadership is Dead, How Influence is Reviving It by Jeremie Kubicek. I thoroughly leadershipisdeadenjoyed the book and especially Jeremie’s approach to leadership so I will share a few things from his book this week. First a quote from the book – “Leadership is influence. Influence is power. How that power is used comes from the intent of the leader, from the motives of his heart.

Jeremie has a section of the book where he talks about responsive leadership. It’s kind of an interesting name, but here is how he explains responsive leadership:

To understand influence is to understand responsiveness. To be responsive is to be aware of others first, especially as you lead them. The desire to keep improving and increasing in the value of your gifts reflects an attitude of receptiveness. . . To be responsive is to handle authority and influence as a stewardship, not a divine right.

To me, that last sentence is critical to grasp as we lead others. Our leadership of others is a stewardship that is not to be taken lightly – it is others centered. Too many of us treat it as a divine right.

Today, put your eyes first on those you lead.

Share with me what you do to keep your priorities straight as you lead others.


“some competencies matter more than others”

Good morning – getting cooler up here in Michigan! Being a Southern boy with thin blood, I am not looking forward to that winter weather!  But I am greatly enjoying the fall colors.

The Harvard Business Review has a good article on the competencies you need if you are a senior leader in your organization. For example: “For C-level executives, for example, technical expertise matters far less than the art of influence: you can hire people with great technical skills, but then you’ve got to motivate, guide and inspire them.”  And,”. . . technical skills and self-mastery alone allow you to be an outstanding individual contributor. But to lead, you need an additional interpersonal skill set: you’ve got to listen, communicate, persuade, collaborate.”

Good article – click here to read it in its entirety.

The bottom line is that leadership is all about relationships.

Serving Christ,