titles do not make leaders

He always had a smile playing around the corners of his mouth ready to burst into that full fledged humorous smile that made others around him smile in spite of themselves. He had a sparkle in his eyes and a jaunty spring to his step. He had a gift for seeing the humor in almost … Continue reading titles do not make leaders

Questions to Help You Stay on Track

Staying on track – hard to do for leaders, especially when you are moving fast.  And, as you know, just being a little bit off course can have major consequences down the road.  The problem is, as a leader, getting off track impacts others – not just ourselves. Robert Kaplan, in the article “What to … Continue reading Questions to Help You Stay on Track

The Silent Lie

One of the senior executives is making an impassioned presentation in the leadership meeting.  I can tell he wants the team’s support – including mine.  What he is pitching is somewhat out of my field of expertise, but I’m trying to keep up.  However, I begin to get uneasy as some things just don’t seem … Continue reading The Silent Lie

Has Style Become More Important Than Substance for Our Leaders?

Last night I finished the book Derailed by Dr. Tim Irwin.  In the book, Dr. Irwin examines the epic failures of six very high profile business CEO’s.  Most of us witnessed these failures in the news.  As Dr. Irwin stated, it was akin to watching a train wreck. The interesting thing is that all of … Continue reading Has Style Become More Important Than Substance for Our Leaders?