A List More Important Than Your “To-Do” List

Good Friday morning to you! To-Do lists are time-proven powerful tools that help us be more productive.  Only we have a slight problem with them now - their length!  Question for you - is your To-Do list so long now that you often don't even look at it since it so overwhelming and actually discourages you? Maybe you … Continue reading A List More Important Than Your “To-Do” List

“Good To Great in 10 Steps”

Jim Collins is one of my favorite leadership / organizational authors and I have applied many of his principles from Good to Great and our leadership team is going through a study on his book Great by Choice. Recently in Inc. online he has an article on "Good To Great in 10 Steps". Click here … Continue reading “Good To Great in 10 Steps”

You Need More than Creativity

Innovation!  Creativity!  Think outside of the box!!! Innovation particularly is the buzzword of the day.  It seems to be the silver bullet that organizations seek to solve their challenges.  It's the cool word to have on your resume and all the "cool kids" are innovators.  But is that all you need? According to Jim Collins in … Continue reading You Need More than Creativity

Are You Willing to Make the Choice?

Most of us want to be part of a "great" organization - if we are the owner, we want it to be a great organization.  Often times when we do encounter a great organization we think that they were just at the right place at the right time of in other words, lucky. The reason our … Continue reading Are You Willing to Make the Choice?

Show Horse or Plow Horse?

Which one are you? Are you a "show horse" or a "plow horse"? Our society clearly prefers the show horse, the person that has the outsized personality, the person that has loads of charisma and talks easily. However, Jim Collins in his book Good to Great, points out that in the great companies, the CEO's … Continue reading Show Horse or Plow Horse?

Thriving During Times of Adversity

The past few years have been marked by various challenges, especially of the financial variety. I do want to be quick to point out that our country has endured much worse and has come out stronger.  Nevertheless, it has been a difficult time for many individuals as well as organizations.  However, some people and some … Continue reading Thriving During Times of Adversity

Operating Excellence and Innovation

"The great task, rarely achieved, is to blend creative intensity with relentless discipline so as to amplify the creativity rather than destroy it. When you marry operating excellence with innovation, you multiply the value of your creativity." - Jim Collins in Great by Choice. Discipline in operating excellence is critical for your ministry, even more … Continue reading Operating Excellence and Innovation