you will be accountable for your leadership

“I’m always reading about leadership. It is my chosen profession. It’s how I serve people, how I add value to my organization, and how I impact the world. I know that someday I will be accountable for my leadership” (emphasis added) – Ken Blanchard in Great Leaders Grow.

The One Thing That Will Cause You To Fail

Good Monday morning to you! This week, we have the blessing of taking time to stop as a nation and give thanks to our Lord for His blessings on us. In the midst of family, eating and football, take time to remember why we have this national holiday and to Whom we owe thanks. Our… Read More

leadership capacity is critical to organizational success

Very interesting study on leadership by the The Ken Blanchard Companies on the importance of leadership. Following is a short excerpt: Earlier research has shown that there is a Service-Profit Chain, a Value-Profit Chain, and an Employee-Customer-Profit Chain. Blanchard® research indicates that there is also a Leadership-Profit Chain. The data clearly shows that strategic leadership… Read More