A little bit of kindness & a little bit of rock and roll

Merriam-Webster has as one of its descriptions of the word kind saying “of a kind to give pleasure or relief.” I resonate with that description, should we not give pleasure (delight or joy) as well as relief (removal or lightening of something oppressive) to people?  The imagery of this Amelia Earhart quote perfectly captures the… Read More

Three Powerful Leadership Traits

Good morning! Absolutely beautiful up here in northeast Indiana! More than likely you have read many books, articles and posts on leadership traits, characteristics and so on. I want to give you three to think on: 1. Justice 2. Kindness 3. Humility As a leader, are you doing justice to those you lead? Do you… Read More

4 Very Powerful Things to Say

Good morning! As leaders, there are some things that we just forget to say or that we somehow don’t think we need to or should say. That’s a mistake. In her article on the Inc. site Maria Tabaka lists four statements that she has found to be powerful and necessary. 1. I’m sorry 2. I was wrong 3. I… Read More

Being Kind vs. Being Nice

Do you have a problem being “nice” instead of being “kind”?  What’s the difference? It seems in non-profits and churches we often confuse the two.  The issue is that sometimes a true act of kindness doesn’t feel very kind so we move to being nice.  For this conversation, I am using “nice” to describe those… Read More

The Little Things Matter

Good morning – unusually mild and great weather here in southwest Michigan for this time of year.  As a transplanted Southerner, I surely don’t mind! Little things matter and I saw a couple of great examples of that this weekend.  Every Saturday morning Angela and I have a breakfast date at LePeep Cafe in downtown South Bend.… Read More