leadership development works!

Do you have a leader development plan in place in your organization? If not, you need to and soon. First of all - it works. See the graph below from the Chief Learning Officer magazine. It is in an article by William C. Byham One of the biggest findings of the study was, contrary to the … Continue reading leadership development works!

think small and make a huge difference

One thing that I have noticed about leaders in my journey through life is that so many of them (and me) want to impact things in a large way. They want to grow their organizations larger and have greater numbers of staff, revenue growth, number of people they impact, and so on. Many of these leaders … Continue reading think small and make a huge difference

why aren’t we producing more leaders?

Good morning! We talk much about the dearth of leadership in our businesses, non-profits, churches, and governments. Yet we have leadership institutes in our colleges, we have thousands of blogs on leadership (including this one!), there are enough books on leadership to fill up a library, we have seminars, and on and on. Yet we … Continue reading why aren’t we producing more leaders?

Self Care – How Are You Doing?

It is a beautiful morning!  A few clouds in the sky with the sunrise reflecting off of them producing amazing colors. When you are in a ministry or non-profit, usually your focus is on serving and impacting others with the hope of seeing lives transformed. Often, the idea of taking care of yourself is not at the … Continue reading Self Care – How Are You Doing?

7 Questions to Ask Your Boss

As a leader, you are on a path of continuous growth and we need the input of others to develop well. One of those people who can provide you valuable input is your boss.  I am not talking about an evaluation sort of thing, but of you being intentional and going to your boss and … Continue reading 7 Questions to Ask Your Boss

The Leadership Academy and Succession

I hope your week is starting well today! This past week I was in warm Mississippi and now I am back in Southwest Michigan where it is considerably cooler! I was in Mississippi to speak at the Mississippi Community College Leadership Academy on strategic planning.  It is a wonderful concept that was birthed by a … Continue reading The Leadership Academy and Succession

A Reading List for Leaders

Leaders tend to be people that are continuously learning and one of the best sources to learn from is good books. I have been talking to people to pin down the top books they would consider core to any leadership development process. Following are some that I have come to value highly: 1. The Bible … Continue reading A Reading List for Leaders

Learning by Teaching

Teaching is a privilege and one of the best ways to learn that I have experienced. I have had the opportunity to teach in the MBA program at Bethel College in Mishawaka, IN (South Bend).  Often, I have found that I learn much more from my students that I teach them.  For instance, I found … Continue reading Learning by Teaching