“Secret Fears of Great Leaders” by Greg Salciccioli

Fear is one of our greatest limiters in life. Greg Salciccioli has an excellent post on the Coachwell site about the fears that leaders often face. Following is an excerpt from Greg’s post: When life brings the inevitable challenges that every leader will face, we should remember this quote. Roosevelt says: “Courage is not the absence of… Read More

what lens is your leadership team looking through?

Good Friday morning! Over the last few weeks, I have had the opportunity to work with several senior leadership teams of various types of organizations. All of them were made up of good, intelligent, and professional people. Yet, some of them were dealing with a common issue found in many senior leadership teams. This issue… Read More

a note to senior leaders – their commitment may be more important than your insights

Good blog post by Marshall Goldsmith, “Their Commitment Might Mean More Than Our Insight”. He talks about how much more powerful employee commitment to an idea is than is the “brilliant” insight of the leader. Following is a paragraph from his post: The next time you are working with a direct report or team member… Read More