Do You Read Good Books?

If you are a leader of people, then you must read in order to truly grow as a leader and you need to read widely. As a Christian, the Bible is of course the first book you must be intimately acquainted with, but you must also read in many other areas. Even great literature. Check out this Harvard … Continue reading Do You Read Good Books?

Growing As A Leader – Wisdom

Good Monday morning!  Beautiful, though nippy, day here in southwest Michigan. Starting to read a new book by Ken Blanchard & Mark Miller entitled Great Leaders Grow. We all know, or should know, that it is imperative that we grow as leaders - in all areas of our lives.  We most often focus our attentions … Continue reading Growing As A Leader – Wisdom

Are You Prepared?

What are you doing to prepare the next generation of leaders for your organization?  If you are a next generation leader, what are you doing to prepare yourself? Last week, I had the privilege of traveling to my home state to speak to the Mississippi Community College Leadership Academy (MCCLA) on the subject of strategic … Continue reading Are You Prepared?

4 Signs of Bad Strategy

Good morning! When you hear the term "strategic planning" does it conjure up images of long meetings, thick binders, and plenty of fancy trendy words?  Does it evoke feelings of frustration and boredom?  And at the end, do you wonder if you really have a good strategy? Well, I am reading Good Strategy, Bad Strategy by Richard … Continue reading 4 Signs of Bad Strategy