why aren’t we producing more leaders?

Good morning! We talk much about the dearth of leadership in our businesses, non-profits, churches, and governments. Yet we have leadership institutes in our colleges, we have thousands of blogs on leadership (including this one!), there are enough books on leadership to fill up a library, we have seminars, and on and on. Yet we… Read More

do you see mission drift?

Mission Drift – it is a common issue among faith-based organizations – just think of Harvard and the YMCA. In their book, Mission Drift, Peter Greer and Chris Horst make the following statement: “Without careful attention, faith-based organizations drift from their founding mission. . . Slowly, silently, and with little fanfare organizations routinely drift from… Read More

don’t restructure your organization – rewire it

Found this excellent article in Inc.com today. Too often we, as organizational leaders, think all we have to do is restructure our organizations to make things work – we treat them like some kind of machine with interchangeable parts. Guess what? An organization is a complicated network of people and their relationships – it’s not… Read More