A very nebulous subject

Leadership – such a broad yet nebulous subject. So much is written on the subject and I have contributed to that “fog” of information myself. So, many theories, so many lists, so many routes to so-called “success”and etc. (By the way – there are some really terrible definitions of success out there and “lots of… Read More

why aren’t we producing more leaders?

Good morning! We talk much about the dearth of leadership in our businesses, non-profits, churches, and governments. Yet we have leadership institutes in our colleges, we have thousands of blogs on leadership (including this one!), there are enough books on leadership to fill up a library, we have seminars, and on and on. Yet we… Read More

do you see mission drift?

Mission Drift – it is a common issue among faith-based organizations – just think of Harvard and the YMCA. In their book, Mission Drift, Peter Greer and Chris Horst make the following statement: “Without careful attention, faith-based organizations drift from their founding mission. . . Slowly, silently, and with little fanfare organizations routinely drift from… Read More

don’t restructure your organization – rewire it

Found this excellent article in Inc.com today. Too often we, as organizational leaders, think all we have to do is restructure our organizations to make things work – we treat them like some kind of machine with interchangeable parts. Guess what? An organization is a complicated network of people and their relationships – it’s not… Read More