what lens is your leadership team looking through?

Good Friday morning! Over the last few weeks, I have had the opportunity to work with several senior leadership teams of various types of organizations. All of them were made up of good, intelligent, and professional people. Yet, some of them were dealing with a common issue found in many senior leadership teams. This issue … Continue reading what lens is your leadership team looking through?

what do you tell a leadership team?

Today and tomorrow, I, and two others, have the privilege of facilitating a retreat for a leadership team from an organization that is making a difference. The organization has been around quite a while, but many on the team are new or relatively new so we will hopefully be helping them to connect and to … Continue reading what do you tell a leadership team?

mindsets of true leaders

Good Monday morning to you! Winter is not quite done here. The snow started melting last week, but the temps have dropped again. It's 15 with a wind chill of 0. I am about ready for spring!! Your mindsets are critical to how you live your life.They determine how effective you will be and how … Continue reading mindsets of true leaders

jealously and ambition

Good morning! Looks like it's going to be a great week working with the AWANA leadership team at their leadership retreat! Jealousy and ambition! Ever had those two things intrude upon the workings of your leadership team? They will destroy the effectiveness of a team as quickly and more thoroughly than most anything else. "For … Continue reading jealously and ambition

dissent or agreement – which do you seek?

On my way to Florida today! Somehow, I need to figure out how to travel to Florida in the winter instead of mid-summer! I don't know about you, but I prefer to be around people that agree with me, that share my viewpoint, and that make me comfortable. The conversations are easier, there is minimal … Continue reading dissent or agreement – which do you seek?

The Consequences of a Silent Lie

It is Friday! Hope you have a great weekend! Does the following sound familiar? You are sitting in a leadership meeting and the team, led by a strong and persuasive leader, are headed down the path to a decision. It seems everybody is on board with the direction, but you keep having these doubts or "checks" about … Continue reading The Consequences of a Silent Lie

Trust is the Key

"Absence of Trust - This occurs when team members are reluctant to be vulnerable with one another and are unwilling to admit their mistakes, weaknesses or needs for help. Without a certain comfort level among team members, a foundation of trust is impossible." - Patrick Lencioni Trust is absolutely foundational to the effective operations of … Continue reading Trust is the Key

Which Hat Do You Wear?

Good morning!  Are you a member of a leadership team for your organization?  If so, what hat do you wear when you are in your leadership team meeting?  That of a team member or that of the "representative" of your part of the organization?  This is one of the key issues that keeps a group … Continue reading Which Hat Do You Wear?

He Just Frustrates Me!

Why can't people think like I do?  Wouldn't that be so much simpler? Of course we read in Scripture in 1 Corinthians 12 where it talks about one body but different parts and in Romans 12 where Paul talks about the different gifts.  Also, in most of the management and leadership literature we also read … Continue reading He Just Frustrates Me!

Do You Really Have a Leadership Team?

Do you really have a leadership team?  Most of us do in name, but do you in actuality have a team? In his book, The Advantage, Patrick Lencioni says that in reality what most of us have are leadership working groups - not teams. Think about it this way - a working group is similar … Continue reading Do You Really Have a Leadership Team?