“Control tower your life” – by Lauren Allen

As I’ve grown older I have realized that I carry far more control over my life than I once thought. There will be and have been lots of situations and experiences that “happened” to me, but how I responded and choose to respond are all 100% within my control. Gretchen Rubin wrote “Better than Before”… Read More

achieving a different result requires ___________

Good morning! It was a spectacular day here in northeastern Indiana yesterday. Beautiful weather. Angela and I had a nice walk around our neighborhood last night. One of the things I sometimes struggle with is desiring different results – I want to do some things differently, live differently, think differently and so on. So, I… Read More

Receiving Instruction

“Whoever heeds instruction is on the path to life, . . . ” Proverbs 10:17 Do you receive instruction well, or do you have everything “figured out”? Too many of us actually don’t “heed” instruction very well. Especially in the areas of our life where we have a great deal of experience and expertise. We… Read More

A Key Characteristic of a Leader – Are You Teachable?

Good morning to you! I hope you have a great day planned today! We all know, or should know, that it is so important that as leaders we are to be continual learners. I have found that a good many leaders are learners, they do read, go to seminars and so on. But, are we teachable? Proverbs… Read More