are you saying “I don’t Trust You”?

Good morning – still cold up here! Trust is foundational to any healthy relationship – without trust, there is no real relationship. This is true from our relationship to God, our spouse, and family to our friends, and co-laborers. You see this talked about in many different places. Patrick Lencioni in two of his books,… Read More

successful and mediocre organizations – the difference

Good morning! Enjoying a cool August morning here in southwest Michigan. Today, I get to work with a special group of people at Life Action Ministries. What is it that distinguishes the excellent organizations from the mediocre ones? Is it innovation and creativity? Is it better marketing? Is it better financial management? Is it more… Read More

What Happens in an Unhealthy Organization

People suffer under bad leaders.  Plain and simple.  People suffer in unhealthy organizations – including unhealthy Christian organizations. I have the privilege of serving in a healthy organization that is striving to grow healthier and stronger, but I have served in unhealthy organizations in the past and I have tried to help some unhealthy organizations.… Read More