do you see? do you hear?

When you meet someone, or even in your daily encounters with those you know, do you "see" them? Do you recognize them as individuals with dreams, passions, hopes, problems, and fears? Or are you only seeing the veneer? When they talk with you - do you really "hear" them, listening for meaning beyond their words … Continue reading do you see? do you hear?

8 communication tips

Good morning! Would you agree with me that communication is difficult at best? We all listen with so many of our "filters" on that sometimes I am astounded that communication happens at all. Then you add to that how ineffectively so many of us are in trying to communicate. In so many employee surveys poor … Continue reading 8 communication tips

Are You Willing To Change Your Mind?

Good morning, I was at an excellent presentation on leadership by George Barna yesterday. He spent time talking on some of his material from his book Master Leaders (great book by the way and worth adding to your library). If you have been following my posts lately, you will notice I have mentioned several times … Continue reading Are You Willing To Change Your Mind?

Four Components to Listening Better

Good morning! Getting a bit nippy here in northeast Indiana. Listening well is a skill and one many of us have yet to master. It is a weakness of mine that God has convicted me of so I am trying to develop this critical skill. Fortunately Ambassador not only places a great value on this skill, … Continue reading Four Components to Listening Better

Effective Listening Begins With . . .

Are you a good listener? Personally I struggle with being a good listener. I am much better than I was, but still not that good. So, I am trying to learn how to listen. Do you ever have the problem of preparing what you are about to say while the other person is still talking? Do you ever go … Continue reading Effective Listening Begins With . . .

Listening to Understand

Good afternoon - still haven't quite gotten back into my rhythm of posting yet. A move really shakes things up! As I mentioned before, as part of my orientation here at Ambassador Enterprises is the reading of and reporting on a series of excellent books. The one I just finished was To Understand Each Other by Paul … Continue reading Listening to Understand

What Did You Say?

Last Friday was a tough day in our family as we said goodbye to our little 15-year old dachshund Frieda. She brought us a lot of joy and laughter and the house seems a little bit emptier now. She is no longer hurting, but we are just a bit now.  Question for you, have you … Continue reading What Did You Say?

Seeking Understanding

Good morning - we sure are needing some rain here in southwest Michigan! As the book of Proverbs has 31 chapters I often enjoy reading the "Proverb of the day". In chapter 18 today is something that really strikes me: "A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion." Ouch! I … Continue reading Seeking Understanding

Do You Have To Explain?

Good morning from beautiful Florida!  It sure is noce to be here after the snow and cold of Michigan. Question for you - do you ever miss out on good input or counsel because you are too busy explaining yourself?  I found myself doing that yesterday. We have a tremendous Board of Directors.  Godly and … Continue reading Do You Have To Explain?