use and abuse of power

Good Monday morning to you! Did you enjoy your extra hour of sleep? Over the past weeks I have written a couple of posts on Malcolm Gladwell's excellent book David and Goliath (click here and here to read the posts). In the first part of his book Mr. Gladwell makes some excellent points, but Part … Continue reading use and abuse of power

capitalization learning vs. compensation learning

Good morning - I hope your week is getting off to a great start. It was a very nice weekend for our family. Beautiful weekend and we were able to have some enjoyable times together. In his book David and Goliath, Malcolm Gladwell makes the distinction between what he calls capitalization learning versus compensation learning. … Continue reading capitalization learning vs. compensation learning

is your disadvantage actually an advantage?

Good Friday morning to you! I assume most of you are familiar of the story of David and Goliath. Where the young, inexperienced shepherd boy with no armor and armed with a sling and five rocks goes up against the battle hardened giant Goliath. Not only was Goliath a giant he was an experienced warrior, … Continue reading is your disadvantage actually an advantage?