6 questions leaders must answer

Much is written about how to use questions to lead; about how leaders need to be asking the right questions of those they lead. However, one key aspect of leadership, is answering questions for the people that you are leading. In one of my favorite organizational health books, The Advantage, my favorite organizational health / business author, … Continue reading 6 questions leaders must answer

Leaders versus Managers

Managers are receiving a bad rap in my opinion. I enjoy learning and sharing about leadership, so I keep up fairly well with the current literature. Additionally, I have been an adjunct professor at the graduate level for about 14 years often teaching on management / leadership using various texts. I have seen a bit … Continue reading Leaders versus Managers

don’t restructure your organization – rewire it

Found this excellent article in Inc.com today. Too often we, as organizational leaders, think all we have to do is restructure our organizations to make things work - we treat them like some kind of machine with interchangeable parts. Guess what? An organization is a complicated network of people and their relationships - it's not … Continue reading don’t restructure your organization – rewire it

Being Nosey Makes You A Better Team Member

Well good morning and welcome to the middle of the week! Recently I received some strange advice - if you want to be a better team member, then be nosey! I don't know about you, but I was taught that being nosey was impolite. However, after it was explained to me it makes perfect sense. … Continue reading Being Nosey Makes You A Better Team Member

One Major Mistake In Evaluating People

Good morning, I hope you had a good day yesterday. It was a spectacular day here yesterday although a tough time for others in the Midwest. Have you ever heard someone say that size someone up with a glance? How often have you heard that first appearances are everything? Think about those statements for a bit. Is that really … Continue reading One Major Mistake In Evaluating People

Empowering People

It is Friday! Hope you have great plans for your weekend. We are excited because it is supposed to get in the high 40's here which will be nice for us. How do you empower people? There are many ways, but one of the most effective is effective delegation. Here at Ambassador Enterprises delegation has been broken down … Continue reading Empowering People

Don’t Make this Mistake!

Years ago when I was in the quality field, I remember a saying of one of the quality gurus.  He basically stated that all firings are the fault of management.  I initially scoffed at that idea, but over the years have come to agree in the main with his statement.  I don't quite believe that … Continue reading Don’t Make this Mistake!

Management and the Second Commandment

A man I am coming to know and have a great deal of respect for is Matt Perman of Desiring God Ministries.  Matt is their Senior Director of Strategy and has much to say about how to manage biblically (click here to go to Matt’s blog).  It seems that in some para-church ministries there is … Continue reading Management and the Second Commandment

The No-Cost Way to Motivate – A manager’s genuine interest in employees’ lives pays off at every level, in every job

Excellent article by Patrick Lencioni about a very simple, very human way of caring for and encouraging those that you manage. Click here to read the entire article.  Following is a brief excerpt from the post. "Lost amid the justifiable concern about the 9.7% of U.S. workers who are unemployed is the well-being of the … Continue reading The No-Cost Way to Motivate – A manager’s genuine interest in employees’ lives pays off at every level, in every job