“The Crisp Meeting” by Seth Godin

The Crisp Meeting is a great post by Seth Godin that gives you a framework for creating meetings that enhance your work instead of them becoming a drain on your productivity. Following is an excerpt from the post: The crisp meeting is one of a series. It's driven by purpose and intent. It's guided by questions: … Continue reading “The Crisp Meeting” by Seth Godin

are you running productive meetings?

Meetings are a challenge to say the least. We need them (at least the right meetings) to do our work, but we do them so poorly that we mostly detest them! So often if feels like a no-win scenario. However, it doesn't have to be this way at all. Patrick Lencioni has a great book out … Continue reading are you running productive meetings?

why you should cancel your weekly staff meeting

Interesting article on The Muse about four reasons to cancel your weekly staff meetings. They just might make sense - what do you think? 1. Interruptions Are Productivity (and Potentially Profit) Killers 2. Instant Messaging is an Effective Way to Get Most News Out—Faster 3. There Are Other Ways to Meet 4. Every Meeting Should … Continue reading why you should cancel your weekly staff meeting

“One Kind of Meeting You Should Never Have”

Good article by Geoffrey James on the Inc.com site about how update or status meetings waste valuable time. Many workplaces have frequent meetings where everyone on a team gets together (either physically or virtually) to give oral status reports of their respective projects. These "update meetings" (aka "staff meetings") are supposedly useful because they encourage "better communication." I … Continue reading “One Kind of Meeting You Should Never Have”

“prayer for a meeting” – by Stephen Scaer

Good Saturday afternoon to you! I found the following poem today as I was reading through the October issue of First Things. "Come, Holy Spirit, fill me with affection for sycophantic colleagues who pretend a boss's remark is witty; the projection of Power Points that stray from the agenda with pie charts, false and darkly … Continue reading “prayer for a meeting” – by Stephen Scaer

Do You Have A Coffee Budget?

Good morning to you! I hope your week is getting off to a great start, it looks like mine will be pretty full. Question - do you have a coffee budget? No? Maybe you ought to if you really want to grow. Confused yet? Most of us are busy, very busy in fact. Because of … Continue reading Do You Have A Coffee Budget?

Are Meetings Frustrating You? Try Three Simple Things

Good morning! I hope you had a great day celebrating Independence Day yesterday. For many people, next to e-mail overload, unproductive meetings are one of the most frustrating aspects of organizational life. There are several good book out there on the subject with my favorite being Death by Meeting by Patrick Lencioni. But instead of … Continue reading Are Meetings Frustrating You? Try Three Simple Things

Meetings Are Great! Right?

I hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend.  We did as a family. I have the privilege of being a member of Harvest Bible Chapel - Granger and today I get to go talk to the staff about everybody's favorite topic - meetings.  Doesn't that word give you a warm fuzzy feeling?  No?  Really? … Continue reading Meetings Are Great! Right?