How Good Are Your Leadership Skills?

A leader is, or should be, constantly evaluating themselves and seeking to grow and improve.  Fortunately there are tools out there to help us in our regular assessments.

MindTools has a good quick assessment tool (free) that should be of benefit to you.  Click here to go to the assessment page.

The key is after you take the assessment – what are you going to do with the information?  What you do with what you learn about yourself (not just this assessment, but in any situation) is key to whether you will continue to grow or if you stagnate.

Enjoy your day today!

Some Questions to Develop Your Team

Is your team operating at a level that satisfies you?  Are they growing in their ability to make effective and wise decisions and then execute them?

Often times the “cap” on our teams performance is us.  Often when they come to us with a situation that needs a decision we quickly make it for them (we like to make decisions and we’re good at it right?).  The problem is, that often instead of helping them, we have actually disempowered them and taken ownership of the challenge away from them.

So try adding these questions to your “portfolio” to use with your team members.  I believe you will enjoy the growth that you see as a result.

What do you think we ought to do?

What are your two or three suggestions for this issue?

How do you see . . .?

What if we . . .?

Have you ever considered . . .?

How would you handle this situation? Why?

What do you think is keeping us from moving forward?

The key is, after you ask – LISTEN!!  And act on their suggestions as often as you can.  Remember, we want them to be the hero – not us.

By the way – check out MindTools for some great decision making tools – just click here.

Blessings on your day from a very hot southwest Michigan!