mission true or mission drift?

Good morning! Still hoping it will one day actually be Spring here in the Midwest, but we have snow in the forecast for Tuesday!! Last week, I did a brief post on the book Mission Drift and was asked by a friend of mine if there is mission drift, how do you get back on track?… Read More

How Do I Fit Here?

Good Monday morning to you! This weekend a good friend of mine posted on Facebook his opinion that naps ought to be a required part of the first week of daylight savings time. After getting up this morning with my body clock at odds with my alarm clock I think he may be on to something. How important is… Read More

A Smart Leader vs. A Wise Leader

Read something this morning about the difference between a smart leader vs. a wise leader.  A smart leader is one who makes New Year’s resolutions, develops plans, sets goals, sets regular milestones and carefully charts their progress against those goals and milestones. Wise leaders on the other hand root themselves in a noble cause, align it… Read More