learn to say yes

One of the popular mantra's now is learning to say no to what we consider to be unimportant things that will hinder our "success". I agree to a point, but a friend reminded me that we need to learn to say yes to being selfless, to loving, serving, caring for, and helping others. Maybe there … Continue reading learn to say yes

the grunt part of leadership

Often, when I hear people talk of leading others it is about the perks of being a leader. However, there are a few things about leadership to remember: It's not about you Others are more important than your comfort It is about sacrifice It is about courage in the face of adversity It is about … Continue reading the grunt part of leadership

stop being nice and start being kind

Good morning! Does that sound a bit odd saying to not be nice? Actually, I am not sure yet if it is the best word yet for what I am trying to communicate. In the nonprofit world especially, but often in business settings, I have found that people avoid saying what others need to hear … Continue reading stop being nice and start being kind

A Healthy Dependency

Good morning. I hope your week is getting off to  great start today. I mentioned last Friday about having a spring cold. Well, it kicked in full force that afternoon and through the weekend and is still hanging on this morning. I don't even remember the last time I was really sick, so this has been a humbling … Continue reading A Healthy Dependency

What Matters Most

Good morning! Today is my last official day in the office at Life Action Ministries. A bittersweet day - leaving a people I love and an organization I respect and care for deeply, yet headed to a great organization that will stretch and grow me. What matters most to you in your job? Where are you investing your time? … Continue reading What Matters Most