learn to say yes

One of the popular mantra’s now is learning to say no to what we consider to be unimportant things that will hinder our “success”.

I agree to a point, but a friend reminded me that we need to learn to say yes to being selfless, to loving, serving, caring for, and helping others.

Maybe there are times we consider something as unimportant, but it actually may be life changing to someone else? I have heard it said that one revealing trait of the character of a person is if they help people that cannot help them.

Maybe there are times we do need to say yes when there is no material benefit or gain to us personally. Maybe that is when we truly begin to learn what it is to be successful – to live a life of meaning?

Is there something you need to say yes to that is not about you?


the grunt part of leadership

Often, when I hear people talk of leading others it is about the perks of being a leader. However, there are a few things about leadership to remember:

  1. It’s not about you
  2. Others are more important than your comfort
  3. It is about sacrifice
  4. It is about courage in the face of adversity
  5. It is about humility in the face of success
  6. It is about serving others, seeking their good before you seek your own

One thing bears repeating – It is not about you!


stop being nice and start being kind

Lauren's FLowers JULY 2014Good morning!

Does that sound a bit odd saying to not be nice? Actually, I am not sure yet if it is the best word yet for what I am trying to communicate.

In the nonprofit world especially, but often in business settings, I have found that people avoid saying what others need to hear or that we avoid dealing with difficult subjects as we don’t want to cause waves or disrupt the harmony (supposedly) of the team. What it actually means is that we try to avoid things that are emotionally uncomfortable for us. Get that last point – “for us”? Being nice, usually means not placing ourselves in a place of emotional discomfort – it’s all about us – not the other person.

Being kind on the other hand, is about doing what is best for the other person, even if it is emotionally uncomfortable, because you place their well-being above your own emotional comfort. Sometimes being kind doesn’t feel kind, especially when you are challenging a friend or co-worker to a higher standard that you know they could and should meet. It’s about challenging a family member to a higher standard. It’s about confronting someone you care about who has habits/behaviors that are detrimental to their well-being.

So, stop being nice (concerned about your own emotional comfort) and start being kind (being concerned for the well-being of others). Do what is right today.


A Healthy Dependency

Good morning. I hope your week is getting off to  great start today.IMG_20130408_085711_283

I mentioned last Friday about having a spring cold. Well, it kicked in full force that afternoon and through the weekend and is still hanging on this morning. I don’t even remember the last time I was really sick, so this has been a humbling experience. I came to a new appreciation as to how much I depend on Angela (my wife). She has been wonderful to me this weekend.

One of the things that is important to us at Ambassador is that people have a mindset or attitude of dependency. Not an unhealthy dependency of course, but this is the recognition of how much we need, depend on, God and others. Without God and without others we are nothing and cannot accomplish anything. To live truly independent of God and others would be the most miserable of lives.

So, this weekend (and still going on today unfortunately), I have been undergoing a lesson on how much I need, depend on, others, So, I encourage you to develop a healthy attitude of dependency on God and others. We need each other and we especially need Him.

Blessing on your week! I’ve got to go now and find some Kleenex!


What Matters Most

Good morning! Today is my last official day in the office at Life Action Ministries. A bittersweet day – leaving a people I love and an organization I respect and care for deeply, yet headed to a great organization that will stretch and grow me.

What matters most to you in your job? Where are you investing your time?

I have come to understand that what matters most in what I do in my job is investing in other people. Sure, we have our tasks to do and projects to complete and they are important, but what really matters the most in the long-term, what has the most lasting impact is what we invest into the lives of those around us.

Are you really speaking into the lives of others? Are you helping them to grow? Are giving them grace when they are having a bad day? Are you making a difference in their lives?

Do what matters most. Make a difference in he lives of those you serve with on a daily basis.

For the glory of Christ,