the pursuit of personal peace

Today is a guest post from someone very special to me - Lauren Allen, the oldest of our two daughters. "Listen" to what she has to say about something many of us are pursuing - Peace. Peace…the very word elicits a sense of calm and reminds us to take a deep breath. Peace as defined … Continue reading the pursuit of personal peace

do you want more calm in your life?

. . . what I have argued for, is to make the terrain we live in a little more familiar, slower, quieter, and peaceful. If I could pour calm in my pots I would. If by them I could make people a little happier, feel a little more as friends and family, or be a … Continue reading do you want more calm in your life?

Your Words Will Outlast You

Good Saturday afternoon! It's a chilly, cold, wet day here in Indiana, but you can see the promise of spring in the green shoots starting to appear in the flower beds, robins everywhere, and most of the snow has melted away. More and more, I am being impressed with the power of words to build up or … Continue reading Your Words Will Outlast You

Words Leaders Use – Or At Least They Should!

Good morning to you! Over the years I have come to better appreciate the power of words. Time and again, when I have worked with organizations, the employees often tell me "I only hear from them (their managers) when I make a mistake, I wish they would say something when I do a good job" … Continue reading Words Leaders Use – Or At Least They Should!