“8 Ways to Become a Better Boss”

“8 Ways to Become a Better Boss”

Why Focus Should Really Be the Next “Big Thing”

Why Focus Should Really Be the Next “Big Thing”

In reality, we should be on a mission to break our multitasking obsession. (I believe that many of us feel obligated to multitask.) While we have the ability to switch between tasks — we do not have the ability to attend to all of them effectively. Recent studies have documented that performance can drop significantly when attempting more than one task, and this becomes more of a challenge as we age.

Making the Shift from Knowing to Doing: 7 bad habits that slow [organizations] down

Good article on the Blanchard Leader Chat blog on seven bad habits that impede the performance of an organization.  Well worth a read.

The seven habits are:

1. Mimicking best practices instead of underlying values.

2. Staying conceptual instead of getting practical

3. Planning and deciding instead of doing

4. Punishing failure instead of encouraging initiative.

5. Setting a poor example at the top.

6. Creating a competitive internal environment.

7. Poor measurement and tracking.

They go on to say – develop an attitude of action.  I like that.

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