How Good Are Your Leadership Skills?

A leader is, or should be, constantly evaluating themselves and seeking to grow and improve.  Fortunately there are tools out there to help us in our regular assessments. MindTools has a good quick assessment tool (free) that should be of benefit to you.  Click here to go to the assessment page. The key is after… Read More

Nine Things to Do to Become More Effective

Highly effective or “successful” people tend to do some things differently. Heidi Halverson has documented nine things that these people do differently in an article and makes the statement that “successful people reach their goals not simply because of who they are, but more often because of what they do.” Get specific.  “Lose 5 pounds” is a better… Read More

Seven Life Management Best Practices

Well, it is a beautiful morning here in southwest Michigan and it has been a great weekend with my family. Having made some changes in my life, I have found greater fulfillment and, even more importantly, my family is healthier and stronger.  More of my weekends are now centered on my family and other key… Read More

Life Management – Some Best Practices

Life mismanagement is one key area that results in the downfall of too many leaders.  This is “Enemy Number  Two” in Greg Salciccioli’s book, The Enemies of Excellence, & Reasons Why We Sabotage Success. In his book, Greg lists some best practices exhibited by leaders who have learned how to build sustainable success.  They are:… Read More

Seven Ways Leaders Sabotage Themselves

Why do leaders fail?  Why do so many promising and gifted people wind up sidelined when they should be hitting their most effective years? It seems almost common place to see prominent leaders falling and damaging so many others along the way.  I have mentioned some good books on this in the past such as… Read More