Self Care – How Are You Doing?

It is a beautiful morning!  A few clouds in the sky with the sunrise reflecting off of them producing amazing colors. When you are in a ministry or non-profit, usually your focus is on serving and impacting others with the hope of seeing lives transformed. Often, the idea of taking care of yourself is not at the … Continue reading Self Care – How Are You Doing?

“Why I Dumped My iPhone” and “If I Could do One Thing Differently”

Happy Friday to you!  I like Fridays because that means I have a breakfast date tomorrow morning with my wife at one of our favorite cafes!! Now I don't use an iPhone, I am a Droid fan.  However a friend sent me an article on smartphones that caused me to pause and consider some things … Continue reading “Why I Dumped My iPhone” and “If I Could do One Thing Differently”

Do You Have a Money Problem? Symptoms to Check

Silly question to ask in this current economic situation for most of us, right? Actually, I am talking about another type of money problem – walk through the following symptoms from Life Action’s Revive magazine to do a quick self-evaluation to see if you exhibit any symptoms of a money problem: Planning life around financial … Continue reading Do You Have a Money Problem? Symptoms to Check

Immediate Action Drills

When in combat, there are certain actions you need to take automatically. Pausing to try to figure out what you need to do could result in harm or death to you or others. To prepare soldiers the Army (at least they did a LONG time ago when I was in) drills and drills soldiers on … Continue reading Immediate Action Drills

Do you hate to wait?

Waiting is hard - but it is critical to our growth.  God often uses this time of "waiting" to shape and grow us. Pastor Daniel Darling has a great guest post on this subject on Michael Hyatt's blog.  It is well worth your time to read over this weekend. Hope you have a blessed weekend! BG

A Life Out of Balance – What is at Risk?

Balance in life – what does that mean?  To me it simply means having right priorities and then actually living your life according to those priorities. Much has been written about living a life of balance.  A life whose rhythms produce health and effectiveness in what you are called to do is one indication of … Continue reading A Life Out of Balance – What is at Risk?

Alone Together

Technology has had and is having a major impact on our lives, often in ways we did not imagine. The amount of information available to people now is staggering and the ability to connect with people from your past that are now scattered across the globe is a blessing. However, all technology (as it always … Continue reading Alone Together

Busyness and the Rhythms of Life

Are you busy?  Are you very, very busy?  Is this busyness fulfilling to you?  Or is it draining you?  Do you resent the demands placed on you?  Do you miss actually seeing and interacting with your family on a regular basis?  If you do, that begs the question – what is the purpose of your … Continue reading Busyness and the Rhythms of Life

Attending to Cracks in the Soul

Came across this post by Dr. Bill Donahue on "Signs of Soul Erosion" on his blog He lists seven things that we should examine to see if we have some issues with "cracks in the soul".  He also asked this question: But are we engaged in the disciplines that bring connection with God, life … Continue reading Attending to Cracks in the Soul

A Thought on Success

Good morning, Following is a quote in Daniel Harkavy's book, Becoming a Coaching Leader. "Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines practiced every day; while failure is simply a few errors in judgment, repeated every day.  It is the accumulative weight of our disciplines and our judgments that lead us either to fortune … Continue reading A Thought on Success