developing more energy and becoming more productive

Do you feel tired most of the time? Is getting out of bed most mornings (especially Monday!) a laborious task? More and more, people are writing about energy management and priority management and less about time management. The reason being is that the way most of us are working may be productive of efficient in the… Read More

clarity – a key component of organizational health

Good morning! Recently, I had the opportunity to do some teaching on Patrick Lencioni’s book The Advantage (an excellent book by the way). The book is focused on organizational health and a major theme running through the book is the need for clarity. It seems obvious, but so few organizations/leaders actually achieve clarity. Leaders owe… Read More

“5 Powerful Advantages You Gain From Being Where You Are “

This is an excellent article from on “Why your attempts to be ultra-productive are sabotaging your ability to make meaningful connections and reach your full potential.” David Van Rooy (@dlvanrooy) lists five benefits from being present. 1. You will be a positive example. 2. You will learn more. 3. You will be more creative. 4. You will get more… Read More

do we have a wrong definition of productivity?

Good Friday morning to you! A rainy and cool day here in the Midwest. An issue that is important to me and that has been rekindled in me by Greg McKeown’s book Essentialism is how we equate busyness and the accomplishment of our to-do list as productivity. As I have noted before, our US culture rewards… Read More