6 questions leaders must answer

Much is written about how to use questions to lead; about how leaders need to be asking the right questions of those they lead. However, one key aspect of leadership, is answering questions for the people that you are leading. In one of my favorite organizational health books, The Advantage, my favorite organizational health / business author, … Continue reading 6 questions leaders must answer

The Board – Some Questions to Ask

Well, I am back in the South today, enjoying sunshine and some warmer weather! Life Action is having its semi-annual Board of Directors' Meeting with our annual Vision Gathering after the Board meeting, so I may not be posting much the rest of the week. We'll se how it goes. The Board of Directors for … Continue reading The Board – Some Questions to Ask

Questions That Strengthen Your Staff

How do you develop a stronger staff?  As a leader, one of our responsibilities is to strengthen those that we lead.  When I was a young Second Lieutenant in the 9th Infantry Division, the First Sergeant of the company I was assigned to took a liking to me (or felt pity on me!).  One of … Continue reading Questions That Strengthen Your Staff

7 Questions To Ask Your Leadership Team(s)

Some good questions that should spark a great discussion in your team and keep you headed in the right direction.  These are from a blog post by Perry Noble – click here to read his post. #1 – What is the next step we need to take in order to stay in step with the … Continue reading 7 Questions To Ask Your Leadership Team(s)

Who are you as a leader? 6 questions to ask yourself

I like good questions – especially those that really make you think.  David Witt has a post on the Blanchard Leader Chat blog that has six great questions that cause you to really examine yourself. (click here to read the entire blog) Enjoy! 1. Who have been the leadership influencers in your life? 2. What is your … Continue reading Who are you as a leader? 6 questions to ask yourself

More Leadership Questions for You

Good questions are powerful tools in the toolbox of a leader.  If you aren’t continually searching for and effectively using questions, you are limiting the impact of your leadership. I have posted some questions before and you can see these posts at: Four Questions Leaders Should Ask Themselves Two Simple Questions 12 Great Questions for … Continue reading More Leadership Questions for You

Four Questions Leaders Should Ask Themselves

Four great questions for leaders from a post on Oct 12 on Perry Noble’s blog.  Click here to read the entire blog. The four questions: Did I really think this would be easy? Did I really think I had this all figured out? Did I really think I could please everyone? Did I really think … Continue reading Four Questions Leaders Should Ask Themselves

Questions to Ask Leaders

Questions are incredibly powerful in learning and especially in leading.  One of my favorite guys, Bobb Biehl, is a master at asking questions.  He is also a collector of questions - these questions have become some of his most important tools in his consulting and coaching practice. One of the areas I have been receiving … Continue reading Questions to Ask Leaders

Learn to Ask Better Questions

One area that I am trying to grow in is learning how to ask good questions. I have read several articles and a book on the subject & it is a favorite method of Bobb Biehl. Today I came across this article & thought you might enjoy it as well. It is a good post … Continue reading Learn to Ask Better Questions