Questions Often Drive Innovation

“But I want to focus on why questioning is a particularly important tool for introverts. Indeed, asking questions is the quiet person’s secret weapon—if we can learn to appreciate and exploit that gift more than we might already.I’ve studied hundreds of successful artists, scientists, and entrepreneurs known for their curiosity and questioning acumen. Most are… Read More

6 questions leaders must answer

Much is written about how to use questions to lead; about how leaders need to be asking the right questions of those they lead. However, one key aspect of leadership, is answering questions for the people that you are leading. In one of my favorite organizational health books, The Advantage, my favorite organizational health / business author,… Read More

Who are you as a leader? 6 questions to ask yourself

I like good questions – especially those that really make you think.  David Witt has a post on the Blanchard Leader Chat blog that has six great questions that cause you to really examine yourself. (click here to read the entire blog) Enjoy! 1. Who have been the leadership influencers in your life? 2. What is your… Read More