who or what are you allowing to define you?

Have you ever heard the phrase "They drank the Kool-Aid"? It is a trite phrase that refers to a tragic event many years ago where people mindlessly committed suicide while blindly following a demented leader. In today's usage it is about people who blindly, or naively, accept (and sometimes come to believe) all aspects of … Continue reading who or what are you allowing to define you?

Know Thyself

"'Know thy God': [1 Chronicles 28:9] rather than 'Know Thyself' is the categorical imperative of the biblical man. There is no self-understanding without God-understanding." - Abraham Joshua Heschel "Good leaders learn their specific personal strengths and weaknesses, especially in dealing with other people, then build on the strengths and correct the weaknesses." - Larry Bossidy and … Continue reading Know Thyself

Exalting Folly

Good morning on this nice, crisp Friday morning. The stars were beautiful this morning on my walk. "Whoever is slow to anger has great understanding, but he who has a hasty temper exalts folly."- Proverbs 14:29 Do you have a "hasty temper"? Do you allow anger to get the best of you? If so, why? … Continue reading Exalting Folly