what lens is your leadership team looking through?

Senior Leadership TeamsGood Friday morning!

Over the last few weeks, I have had the opportunity to work with several senior leadership teams of various types of organizations. All of them were made up of good, intelligent, and professional people.

Yet, some of them were dealing with a common issue found in many senior leadership teams. This issue is is highlighted in the book Senior Leadership Teams, What It Takes To Make Them Great. The issue is that many teams are formed in a de facto sort of fashion whereby the heads of certain functions automatically make up the team. With that foundation, the members of the team act more like members of a legislature or Congress in that they are there to represent the interests of their area or function.

A healthy senior leadership team is comprised of members who realize that they are responsible for the overall success of the organization and not just their function. They have learned to look through the lens of the organization and not the more narrow lens of their line or functional role.

So what lens is your leadership team using? Are they “representatives” of their function or are they there to lead and be responsible for the entire organization?

Hope you have a great and blessed weekend!


what do you tell a leadership team?

Today and tomorrow, I, and two others, have the privilege of facilitating a retreat for a leadership team from an organization that is making a difference. The organization has been around quite a while, but many on the team are new or relatively new so we will hopefully be helping them to connect and to learn what it means to truly be a team.

We do have two full days of training and activities scheduled with some really good materials including Lencioni’s one day seminar on “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team“. But as I was thinking about the retreat, it occurred to me to ask, what is the one thing that I want them to come away from this retreat understanding and embracing.

The thing that hit me was “You Need Each Other“. To me, understanding that is fundamental to the operation of a good team is the core understanding that you actually need the other members of your team. Once you understand your need for the other members of your team, you begin to appreciate them as people with unique skills, strengths, experiences, quirks, and weaknesses. And you learn to value all of that and more.

If you are a team member, I would ask you to consider if you truly appreciate your need for the other members on your team?

Also, when you think about leadership teams – what is the one thing you would want to tell them?


3 attitudes of a good team

Good morning!

Leadership teams are critical to the effective performance of an organization.The right attitudes are critical for the teams to work well.

Following are three attitude statements that tend to be true of effective teams:

Nothing to prove

Nothing to lose

Nothing to hide

Are these statements true of your team? Of you?

These three statements speak to humility and transparency – both are needed to be truly effective as a leadership team.

Blessings on the rest of your week!

A Team in Name Only?

Good morning!

We are about to go into the second day of meetings for LIfe Action’s Senior Leadership Team. It is a great group of people that I respect and truly like. It has been a blessing to watch a group of strong, godly people slowly become a team and to see the strength of becoming a true team.

I read recently about one way to tell if you have a real team or not.  Check out the following and tell me if you are on a real team or not:

1. Do you consider team meetings a distraction or vital work?

2. Do you feel like you “should” attend team meetings or do you want to attend?

3. Do you look for ways to miss the meeting  or send a substitute or if you can’t be there, you trust the team members to represent your concerns?

4. You can’t wait for the meeting to end or you feel productive and energized?

5. Between Meetings : Do your peers feel irrelevant or do you solve problems together?

6. You avoid your peers or do you manage team accountabilities with peers?

7. You rely on the team leader to integrate the team or do you integrate yourselves?

So – are you on a real leadership team or are you on a team in name only?

Blessings on your day!