the grunt part of leadership

Often, when I hear people talk of leading others it is about the perks of being a leader. However, there are a few things about leadership to remember: It's not about you Others are more important than your comfort It is about sacrifice It is about courage in the face of adversity It is about … Continue reading the grunt part of leadership

what is your viewpoint?

What is your viewpoint - about people? How do you “see” others? Do you see others, especially those you lead, as obstacles, means to an end, headcount, staff, or as people with unique qualities, needs, desires, fears, and personalities? Do you choose to trust people’s intent or do they have to “earn” your trust? Quite … Continue reading what is your viewpoint?

More Leadership Lessons from Pastor Bobby Moore

Pastor Bobby Moore was a man who greatly impacted others by the way he lived his life.  He was a living testimony.  He was also a highly effective leader.  A while back I shared a few of his leadership lessons - click here to read those.  Here now are a few more for you: Being … Continue reading More Leadership Lessons from Pastor Bobby Moore

Too Much of a Good Thing?

Respect for and submission to authority – a good thing. Right?  Being in ministry we understand the biblical basis for authority and our responsibilities to the authorities God has placed in our lives. But could there be such a thing as too much of a good thing? In the past, too often what I termed … Continue reading Too Much of a Good Thing?

The Role of the Church in Developing Leaders

Reading an interesting book called Servant Leadership by Robert K. Greenleaf.  Mr. Greenleaf insists that it should be the church's role to develop and nurture the leaders (trustees) for other key institutions in the nation. Following are some of his quotes that I thought you might find interesting. “. . . we are not doing … Continue reading The Role of the Church in Developing Leaders

Are You Listening?

A key attribute of an effective leader is the well-developed skill of listening. In his book, Servant Leadership, Robert Greenleaf makes the following statement: “ . . a true natural servant [leader] automatically responds to any problem by listening first.” So, are you listening? Blessings on your week, BG