What Happens in an Unhealthy Organization

People suffer under bad leaders.  Plain and simple.  People suffer in unhealthy organizations – including unhealthy Christian organizations.

I have the privilege of serving in a healthy organization that is striving to grow healthier and stronger, but I have served in unhealthy organizations in the past and I have tried to help some unhealthy organizations.  This is a bigger problem in ministry that we may imagine.

Bad leaders make for unhealthy organizations.  Unhealthy organizations, especially churches and ministries, are limited in their impact, often drift off course, are not good stewards of the resources that God has entrusted to them, and are not good for the people in the organization.

I have posted a few times on Patrick Lencioni’s book on organizational health entitled The Advantage.  Great book and if you are interested in becoming a healthier and stronger organization, you need to add this book to your toolbox.

Ed Stetzer has written a post on what an unhealthy church or ministry looks like.  Too often I have seen the same thing.  Following are six signs of an unhealthy Christian organization from Ed’s post:

1. The church or organizational culture does not value those serving, just those leading and the function of the organization.

2. The leader is the only one who is allowed to think.

3. The organization or church thinks everyone else is wrong and only they are right.

4. People rationalize that the good they are experiencing is worth the abuse they are receiving.

5. People often know of the glaring character problems of the leader, but no one can speak truth to power.

6. Many times, the leader gets a pass for the fruit of his/her leadership because of some overwhelming characteristic: preaching ability, intelligence, ability to woo others, or more.

Click here to read all of Ed’s post – it will be worth your time if you are concerned about the health of your organization.

Hope you have great week serving our Lord!