Do You Have Too Many Firemen?

Fighting fires in an organization can actually be fun for many leaders.  There is an adrenaline rush as we jump into putting out the fire (emergency, crisis, etc.).  We become the heroes for having "saved the day" and it feels good. The problem is for many of us is that it is more fun putting … Continue reading Do You Have Too Many Firemen?

Four Signs of Bad Strategy

As leaders in ministry we have a key responsibility before the Lord to be good stewards of the mission, people and resources he has entrusted to our care. And, in my opinion, bad strategy results in poor stewardship which is irresponsibility on our part. So many of us really don't know how to plan and … Continue reading Four Signs of Bad Strategy

The Kernel of Good Strategy

Good morning! Yesterday we talked some about the four signs of bad strategy.  Today, let's talk about the three things that make up the "kernel" of good strategy according to Richard Rumelt in his book Good Strategy, Bad Strategy. 1. A diagnosis that defines or explains the nature of the challenge. A good diagnosis simplifies … Continue reading The Kernel of Good Strategy

4 Signs of Bad Strategy

Good morning! When you hear the term "strategic planning" does it conjure up images of long meetings, thick binders, and plenty of fancy trendy words?  Does it evoke feelings of frustration and boredom?  And at the end, do you wonder if you really have a good strategy? Well, I am reading Good Strategy, Bad Strategy by Richard … Continue reading 4 Signs of Bad Strategy

Work Less, Think More

What do you “think” about that title? Well, it is the title of a chapter in Mark DeMoss’ great book on leadership called The Little Red Book of Wisdom. Mark goes on to quote Albert Einstein who says, “The significant problems we face in life cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we … Continue reading Work Less, Think More