how well do you juggle?

Does it seem that in your personal and vocational life that it is a juggling act? We all fill so many different roles that sometimes it is hard to remember "which way is up"! This article on the Harvard Business Review site has some good recommendations to help you "juggle". One of my favorite quotes … Continue reading how well do you juggle?

a disturbing lack of reflection

Good Monday morning to you! Hope you had a great weekend. Alarm clock goes off, hit the snooze button, alarm clock goes off, snooze button again. Rush to get dressed and then, maybe, grab a quick high carb (and sugar) breakfast as you head into the office. As soon as arrive, you power up your … Continue reading a disturbing lack of reflection

How Do You Respond To Stress?

Good Wednesday morning!! Do you ever deal with stress? I do and unfortunately am a tad bit of a worrier. One of my challenges, is that I will have low level stress operating in me and not even be aware of it, yet it still affects me and the way I respond to my family, … Continue reading How Do You Respond To Stress?


Good morning! Do you deal much with stress? I tend to. By personality type, I am very introspective as well as future oriented. As with most things, there are positives and negatives to those characteristics. The negative is that I can project alternatives to the future that are worrisome and then being introspective I can worry over … Continue reading Stressed?