ACTS – an acrostic for leaders

Dave Kraft is a wise man and was my former leadership coach. In an excellent post he talks about the application of ACTS in a particular situation and this post is a worthwhile read in my opinion. So, let's look at ACTS in a general sense and how a leader might apply it to their … Continue reading ACTS – an acrostic for leaders

building a sustainable culture

"A sustainable culture is built from the inside out. It starts with leadership that places the highest level of importance on human beings and a corresponding premium on recruiting, hiring, and training - both academic and experiential - to equip and empower them." - Dan J. Sanders in Built To Serve 

It Is Dangerous to Leave the Pathway!

Yesterday, we talked about three potential pitfalls of leadership.  Today, I want to share a few more with you beginning with a dangerous one that has taken down many leaders - Leaving the Pathway of Humility. Pride - a lack of humility - has been the cause of destruction of so many leaders over the centuries.  It … Continue reading It Is Dangerous to Leave the Pathway!