appreciate the weirdness!

Picture by Lauren Allen

People are incredibly, and frustratingly unique and complex. As a good leader, we are not to to to stamp out that weirdness – that uniqueness – but to maximize it to make strong teams.

“Well-roundedness is a misguided and futile objective when it comes to individual people; but when it comes to teams it’s an absolute necessity. The more diverse the team members, the more weird, spiky, and idiosyncratic they are, the more well-rounded the team.”

Marcus Buckingham and Ashley Goodall in “Nine Lies About Work”.

Embrace the weirdness of your team members to build a well-rounded team.

3 Things to Look For – Plus 1

Hope your weekend is getting off to a great start.  Today is the day we put up our Christmas tree – a big day in the Allen household!!

What do you look for in a new member of your team?  In an earlier post, I discussed the three basic things you need to look for:

Character, Chemistry, and Competency.

However, in a ministry or a nonprofit, where most people sacrifice in order to serve there – you need one more thing: Calling.

Does the prospective team member have a “calling” to your cause?  Are they passionate about the cause?  Can they go without talking about the cause?  Is it “in their blood”?

Serving in ministry or a nonprofit usually costs someone something – if they don’t have a calling on their life for the cause, they probably won’t last.