are your habits causing you to waste time?

I came across this article on and realized how accurate it was for me. The title of the article is, “7 Time-Wasting Habits You Need to Cut Out of Your Life for Good”.

The seven bad habits are:

  1. Checking email constantly.
  2. Waiting for things to be perfect.
  3. Multitasking.
  4. Inviting interruptions.
  5. Being disorganized.
  6. Failing to delegate.
  7. Never saying no.

Read the entire article as it is very worthwhile if you are interested in wasting less time as you pursue your calling in life.


Your Perfect Week

How well are you making progress towards your goals in life?

In an earlier post I mentioned developing a Life Plan. As a part of that Life Plan, you address the key areas of your life and develop your long-term vision for your marriage, ministry, health and etc. along with your goals and action steps to move you towards realizing your vision for these key areas of your life.

If you are like me, I walk through the planning phase with great joy and excitement, but then comes Monday morning and the “same old routine” and nothing really changes. So what do you do.

As part of the Life Plan process, Daniel Harkavy recommends that after you develop your vision and goals, you then design the “Ideal Week”. The idea is just “common sense”, but it is common sense that so many of us rarely actually use in our lives. The premise is simple – if you are going to achieve certain things, then you must build the necessary activities / habits into your day-to-day activities.

So, on one day away from the office or over the weekend, take the time to design an “ideal week” that is organized in such a manner as to focus your time on your priorities. We all serve someone else, whether is it a boss or clients, so we don’t have complete control over our calendars, but we often have much more than we recognize. Take the time to deeply think about how you schedule your time and then reorganize your week so that your daily activities truly move you towards accomplishing your goals.

After you design your ideal week, make sure you share it with your assistant and with your team, so that they are able to adjust your new week.

This involves change and change is hard, but then most worthwhile things in life are nor easily accomplished are they?

By the way – an interesting article I found this morning might be worth reading – Frictionless Work: How to Clear Your Life of Non-Essential Tasks

Blessings on you as you strive to become more effective in impacting the world for Christ!