The “Art” of Filing – Some Great Tips

Filing is a pretty mundane topic.  Yet, for many of us, our filing systems are one of our biggest challenges.  The sheer volume of information that we now receive and must process demands that we have a good filing system (electronic & manual), but most people I encounter don't have a good system. MindTools has … Continue reading The “Art” of Filing – Some Great Tips

Are You Living Intentionally? Here is a Tool to Help

“Striving to be Intentional” – this is the e-mail signature block of a friend of my wife.  She and her husband see life as a wonderful gift of God that is to be lived intentionally and not squandered. To live intentionally requires seeking God in prayer and the Scriptures, times of deep reflection and deep … Continue reading Are You Living Intentionally? Here is a Tool to Help

Some Great Ideas Don’t “Fly” – Why?

How many times have you had a great idea, heard a great idea, or seen a great idea, but it just doesn’t fly?  It doesn’t catch on with the right people? Personally, I have a hard time communicating my ideas.  According to the Myers-Briggs analysis, I am an INTJ in personality type – one of … Continue reading Some Great Ideas Don’t “Fly” – Why?