The Baby Boomers, an introduction

Last week I briefly covered The Silent Generation, a generation that at present only covers 3% of the global workforce. This week, I will be delving into the Baby Boomers. The Baby Boomers consist of those born from 1946 to1964. And by 2024, about 25% of the workforce is projected to be over the age… Read More

Are You Seeking The Right Thing?

Good morning, we are starting to see flowers peeking out and buds on the trees which is a beautiful thing! As you are probably acutely aware, we live in the information age. In fact we are inundated with information from so many sources. And some of you are probably like me – an information hound. I… Read More

Four Components to Listening Better

Good morning! Getting a bit nippy here in northeast Indiana. Listening well is a skill and one many of us have yet to master. It is a weakness of mine that God has convicted me of so I am trying to develop this critical skill. Fortunately Ambassador not only places a great value on this skill,… Read More