too busy to ponder?

2014 Sprin Flowers at Brown GablesGood morning! It’s finally getting Spring here in NE Indiana!! Flowers starting to bloom and a mallard walking around in the yard.

Question for you – how much time do you actually spend thinking about the important things? I mean actually thinking, reflecting, meditating, or pondering on the important issues in your life and in life in general?

I am inclined to thinking because of my personality. However, I am also a collector of information and the Internet is like a treasure chest to me! I can collect a vast amount of information. However, I have noticed that when I begin indulging my desire to collect information, I neglect thinking. I forget to consider the “why” behind things. I forget to think about how things connect.

I may have more information now, but I am less wise.

So, I have some questions that might warrant pondering:

1. Do you know what you really believe? Not what are the opinions of others that you might have adopted, but what do you really believe?

2. Do you know why you believe what you do?

3. If so, can you articulate well what you believe and why you believe it?

If you can answer question number 3 – “yes” and “yes”, then you will begin to have a profound impact on others.

If you can’t, you might want to spend some time pondering.

Have a great week!



The Importance of Why

I hope your New Year is getting off to a great start. Today is the first day back in the office for me and trying to get back into the flow of things."Start With Why"

In an earlier post, I mentioned reading the book Start with Why. Great book and very important to me. It made me begin to think about  why I do what I do – including writing this blog. Ultimately, I am about bringing glory to God and being a part of seeing more and more Christ-centered communities develop and impact and change this world.

My more specific “why” is to challenge the status quo within the leadership ranks of our churches, ministries, non-profits and other Christ-centered organizations and to strengthen those leaders so that they are better able to effect change within their communities, beginning with themselves and then their organizations and then into the communities they impact.

We can make a difference. It seems right now that the “doom and gloom” mindset is the current fad, but we are a people of hope. It seems to me that right now is one of the greatest times to be on this earth. We have tremendous opportunities to make a difference – it is a time of excitement and outstanding opportunity. Together, let’s move ahead with hope and challenge and change the status quo.

So, what is your “Why”? What is it that drives you to do what you do? 


The Question to Ask

Good morning from Florida.  Headed back to Michigan today after a great Board of Directors meeting for Life Action.

Questions are great tools for so many different things.  They are excellent to use in leading others, in developing people, in gaining knowledge, and in diagnosing problems.

One of the most powerful questions is a simple one word question – “Why?”.  One of our board members was talking to me this week about what a powerful tool it has been for him.  I would go on to add, that asking why five times is one of the most important tools in your diagnostic “kit”.  Often the answer to the first why is not the real answer – the real answer often shows up around the fourth or fifth why.

Try it sometime – when you ask someone why something occurred and they answer, then simply ask them “And why is that?”.  After the next answer, ask again, “And why is that?”.  You get the picture.

Why – a simple yet powerful word.

Blessings on your week,