How to Overcome the Winter Blues – Michael Hyatt

For those of us that live in the North, the “winter blues” is a very real challenge.  As leaders we need to be aware of this and aware of how it affects those we lead.  Some people / personality types are more affected than others. Some even deal with “seasonal affective disorder”

There are ways to deal with the issue of winter blues that can be a help to you & those you lead.  Michael Hyatt has a good article on this subject that is worth reading. Click here to go to the article. He basically recommends four steps:

1. Get plenty of sleep.

2. If you deal with S.A.D., try light therapy and he recommends a lamp for this.

3. Take vitamins

4. Get plenty of exercise.

Another recommendation came from one of my colleagues.  He is a Texan used to plenty of sunlight that is now serving here in southwest Michigan where we have plenty of lake effect snow and what somebody termed as “permacloud”.  He adheres to the recommendations made in Michael’s blog, plus some other practices as well.  He strongly recommends that you make no major life change decisions during the months of January through March if you deal with the winter blues.  Put them off, if you can, until the sun is back out.

So, be sensitive to how it impacts you and your decision making as well as how it impacts those you lead.

Enjoy the snow!!