Solving the challenges in your life requires a deep understanding of what causes what to happen.

Christensen, Clayton M.. How Will You Measure Your Life? (p. 16). HarperCollins. Kindle Edition.

challenges of life

The following was written by my daughter, Lauren Allen, on Instagram at lallen48 and I think it is worth sharing with you.

“I would be remiss in letting this day pass without acknowledging what this date means to me and more specifically to my country, my home.

Many Americans lost their lives, many Americans willingly gave their lives and all Americans were changed in some way that beautiful day 16 years ago. I remember very distinctly thinking-how can it be so pretty on such an awful day. But yet friends, therein lies the beauty of the Lord and his continuing redemption of humanity…even in what appears a darkness that will never end…there was such a clear blue sky all over the US that day and there was the kindness of countless people in the US and all around the world that offered hope and comfort to us Americans.

There are stories-thousands of stories-that need to be told every year, because in story we remember, in story we forge new pathways and in story we see our shared humanity. Here’s to not forgetting….”

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do you see? do you hear?

September 11, 2017 — Leave a comment

When you meet someone, or even in your daily encounters with those you know, do you “see” them? Do you recognize them as individuals with dreams, passions, hopes, problems, and fears? Or are you only seeing the veneer?

When they talk with you – do you really “hear” them, listening for meaning beyond their words or even in spite of the words? Or do you just hear what you want to hear? Or do you even hear them at all?

To truly respect others, we need to see them for who they really are and as much as our limited abilities allow us and to actually listen to them with humility so that we hear the meaning behind their words and to not miss what is not being said. We owe that to one another.

By the way, busyness is a lazy person’s excuse for not seeing or listening to others.


If you want a glimpse into the character of a leader, watch how they interact with the housekeeping, janitorial, or groundskeeping staff of their organization.

Fear is one of our greatest limiters in life. Greg Salciccioli has an excellent post on the Coachwell site about the fears that leaders often face. Following is an excerpt from Greg’s post:

When life brings the inevitable challenges that every leader will face, we should remember this quote. Roosevelt says: “Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the assessment that something else is more important than fear.” Even a good leader gets scared, doubts his own capability, or wonders whether she has what it takes to lead others.

Click here to read the entire post – it will be worth your time.

What are the fears holding you back and how are you dealing with those fears?



it’s Friday!!

September 1, 2017

Today is Friday. How do you maximize your Friday’s? Usually Friday’s tend to be days of low productivity for many people as they are tired from the week and anticipating the weekend.

Why don’t you do something a bit different? Use your Friday afternoon to not only clean up some of those pesky emails, but use a bit of your afternoon to plan out next week? Not overly detailed planning, but ensure you have your major priorities planned out and on your calendar instead of coming in Monday morning and begin reacting.

Be proactive on Monday morning versus being reactive due to your Friday afternoon planning time.

invest in your team

August 31, 2017

Actually managing the goals and action steps of team members is difficult at best! And what about reviews? Do you wrestle with an annual review trying to remember what your employee accomplished over the last 12 months? Do you happen to use one of those generic review forms that is only partially applicable to your team member – at best?

CoachwellPro is one solution to the challenges that a leader encounters in leading, coaching, developing, and evaluating their team members.

leader versus manager?

August 30, 2017

Managers are receiving a bad rap in my opinion. I enjoy learning and sharing about leadership, so I keep up fairly well with the current literature. Additionally, I have been an adjunct professor at the graduate level for about 14 years often teaching on leadership using various texts.

I have seen a bit of a disturbing trend in the literature in that it sends, or implies, the message of “Leaders = Good, Managers = Bad“.  People are encouraged “don’t be a manager, be a leader!” as if managers are not leaders. That is the wrong message!

The contrast is actually about being a good boss (leader) versus a bad boss (leader).

Managers are leaders, supervisors are leaders! Without managers and supervisors we would never get anything done! They are the team leaders of the people actually getting the work done.

What we really have are:

Strategic Leaders (Executives) – setting vision, direction, and strategy

Operational Leaders (Directors & Senior Managers)- coordinating the work of multiple tactical level teams in order to execute the strategy set by the strategic leaders.

Tactical Leaders (Managers & Supervisors) – tactical level leaders that are leading the teams of people actually doing the work of the organization.

So, please do not diminish the critical role of managers by contrasting them negatively to the term leader. Managers are leaders!

how well do you juggle?

July 18, 2017

Does it seem that in your personal and vocational life that it is a juggling act? We all fill so many different roles that sometimes it is hard to remember “which way is up”!

This article on the Harvard Business Review site has some good recommendations to help you “juggle”.

One of my favorite quotes is also in this article:

“The trick to juggling is determining which balls are made of rubber and which ones are made of glass.”

The bottom line is, do you know what your real priorities are in life and are you living and working in accordance with those priorities?