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Our focus is improving the workplace for people thus improving their lives. The way we do this is by coming alongside the leaders of organizations in order to help them to lead even more effectively.

We come alongside leaders of all kinds, as well as key individual contributors, in an effort to help them become even more effective. Even as beginning athletes as well as professional athletes need coaches, so do new and seasoned leaders. Good coaches are there to help good leaders and their organizations be even better.

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We provide individual leadership (executive) coaching to leaders as well as group coaching for leadership teams. We also provide personality assessments for individuals and teams that help people with their self-awareness.


We come alongside organizations to help them improve their effectiveness by helping them with their leadership development processes, internal coaching, and Board development.


We offer several workshops that are customized to meet your needs such as “The Five Dysfunctions of A Team Workshop”, Employe Engagement, Emotional Intelligence, and others.

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Happy Friday to you all. I do hope that you find these pictures enjoyable. If you haven’t seen Wellington visiting the Belugas, you have to watch this. And a Peacock Mantis Shrimp may be one of the coolest “animals” that I have seen! They have 16 color-detecting receptors (humans only have 3!) and they can… Read More

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I have read this quote several times, but I am not sure from whom it originated. But, I do wholeheartedly agree with the sentiments of the quote. “Leaders are dealers in hope.” unsure of origin Times like these tend to expose poor leaders and refine good leaders. One mark of a good leader is that… Read More

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There is so much noise and so much information swirling about right now. And I don’t have any hard and fast answers. And I don’t have any suggestions any different than what a “million” other people are saying. So, in order to not add needlessly to the noise, I would like to offer another few… Read More

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A good fried of mine, Chris Pogue of Nuix, has worked from home for many years and has done so while working for an international company based in Sydney, Australia. Chris is not an individual contributor, but a senior executive with Nuix and he has managed teams from Australia, to England, Ireland, Asia, the US… Read More

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One of the fascinating things about our country is the “melting pot” aspect of our culture. We have been blessed to have such a rich tapestry that is our nation now. We each have different stories, but the story of my family helps me to put this current situation into perspective. The first of our… Read More

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For me, gratitude is a beautiful antidote to anxiety. One thing I have done in the past is to actually write down the things I am grateful for in a journal. Sometimes it is harder than others, but if I take time and think about it, there is so much to be grateful for –… Read More

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Notes From Some of Our Clients

“During my time working with BG, his unique insight has helped me not only to handle the present complexities of my role, but to also think beyond my immediate focus in a way that prepares me for future challenges. He has helped me to achieve more than I thought possible, in less time than I believed reasonable, to achieve results that I thought unattainable.”

“I have had the pleasure of working with BG both both as a executive leadership development consultant and class instructor while serving as Chief Innovation Officer at C Spire. His candor and ability to respectfully speak to difficult topics and seek meaningful understandings is greatly appreciated. Whether in individual or group settings with him my learnings grow with each interaction and I always come away with delight and new insights.”

“I recommend BG to anyone who is serious about reaching important goals. In my role as President of Talos Engineered Products, I am lucky to have two sister companies with strong Presidents I can collaborate with on important initiatives and use for internal support. I also report to the CEO of Diakonia who couldn’t be more supportive and helpful. Even with all this support, my progress towards my big goals has really kicked into high gear with BG’s help. My personal goals have been going very well strengthening my family relationships, my spiritual life, and my overall physical health. My big professional goal was to increase the engagement of Talos employees. BG has been instrumental in helping me on this huge undertaking.”

“Since working with BG over the past year, he’s helped me to identify my strengths and weaknesses as a leader. With his encouragement, I’ve been able to create a plan of action to take my professional development to the next level. I’ve really enjoyed the time I’ve spent with BG thus far and look forward to his guidance in the future.”

We help good leaders, and their organizations, become even better by developing a customized approach that best serves their needs.

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